Advantages of Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

There are many kinds of grass and turfs that are chosen by homeowners. If you want to make your garden look better and improve its aesthetic appeal, you should definitely consider doing your research properly before making a purchase. With so many different options available for people to choose from, it can be quite difficult to make an appropriate selection. If you are interested in buying a new kind of turf for your house, you need to check various things. It’s not just the looks that you should be worried about; you should also focus on the other intrinsic benefits that the grass offers.

One of the best grass options available to you is the Sir Walter Buffalo Grass. It’s one of the most widely used turfs that you can find, and it is incredibly versatile. It is capable of adapting itself to almost any kind of climatic condition, which makes it ideal for Australian summers or the harshest winters. There are many reasons that you should consider selecting this type of grass. Here are a few.

Resistance to Weeds

If weeds start growing in your garden, you will need to hire a gardener to remove them. It’s incredibly difficult to remove weeds, so it’s a big challenge. However, if you install the Sir Walter Buffalo Grass, you won’t have to worry. The grass itself grows quite thick and strong, and the thick growth ensures that there’s very little space in between, meaning that there won’t be any space available for weeds to grow.

Naturally Cooler During the Summers

During the summer months, the grass gets naturally cooler. The Australian summers are renowned for the heat, and the grass itself doesn’t lose its colour, nor does it dry up during the summer months. This way, it remains naturally cooler during the summers. The fantastic root structure of the grass itself makes it an excellent choice because of its higher moisture retention. The grass remains healthy during the summer months as well.


The broad leaf structure makes it easy for the grass to conduct photosynthesis as well. During the summer months, the grass will remain green and leafy, and it tends to retain its colour throughout the course of the summer months. It is one of the best turf varieties that is ideal for use in shaded areas as well. If you are interested in a good-looking grass that’s going to last you a long while and doesn’t cost a lot of money, this is an excellent option. You can ask for quotes from various companies when making a decision. These are just a few things that you should know about buying the Walter Buffalo Grass.

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